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Jews Across the Americas

A Sourcebook, 1492-Present

Jews Across the Americas is a groundbreaking sourcebook capturing the historical diversity and cultural breadth of American Jews across Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. Featuring primary documents as well as scholarly interpretations, Jews Across the Americas builds upon new
developments in Jewish Studies, engaging with transnationalism, race, sexuality, and gender, and highlighting the lived experiences of those often left out of Jewish history.

Jews Across the Americas features an impressively broad and far-reaching range of historical sources, including artifacts and objects that have not previously been featured as integral to Jewish history in the Western hemisphere. Entries teach readers how to understand everything from wills and advertisements to sermons, and how to interpret photographs, domestic architecture, and comics. Whether it’s a recipe from Brazil that blends Moroccan and Amazonian foodways, or a text about the first non-binary Jew to cross the Atlantic in the eighteenth century, each entry broadens our understanding of Jewish American history.

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