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I am deeply interested in advancing public humanities and exploring how print and media can academia best share information with the American public and teachers.  I have had the privilege of collaborating on several integrated media projects on American literature and American studies.

Each of these sixteen 30-minute documentary videos explores canonical and re-discovered texts in one major movement in American literature.  Produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting. Funded by Annenberg/CPB.


Academic Director, Laura Arnold (Leibman). This series won the Gold Plaque for Best Educational/Documentary Series at the 39th Chicago International Television Awards (“Hugo Awards”).







Each of these eight videos follow secondary teachers as they learn and implement an American Studies approach to American Literature that will allow them to enrich students’ readings of literature through the use of cultural artifacts. Segments include tips on reading literature in conjunction with artifacts by an expert in the field, guided analysis of how to pair literature and artifacts, classroom demonstrations, and interviews with secondary teachers. This resource is no longer available.


This series in produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting as a companion to American Passages and is funded by a grant from Annenberg/CPB.


Laura Arnold Leibman is the Lead Advisor as well as the expert featured in “Workshop 5: Domestic Architecture.” 

The website and print guides for American Passages: A Literary Survey place American literary movements and authors within the context of history and culture. The course brings in a diversity of voices and tracing the continuity among them. The materials are coordinated with the Norton Anthology of American Literature. These professional development and classroom materials desined to enhance the study of American Literature in its cultural context. Project Description, ASA Newsletter March 2001 (pages 2-3)

The companion website for Artifacts & Fiction: A Professional Development Series for Secondary Teachers of American Literature contained curriculum materials for guiding discussion for teachers seeking to retrain in the field of American Studies as well as other resources. This resource is no longer available.

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