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Color and Zoomable Images from Once We Were Slaves.

page x: Blanche Moses’s Uncle, Lieutenant-Colonel Israel Moses. Daguerreotype. AJHS.

page xi: Blanche Moses’s mother Selina Seixas [Moses] (1854). Daguerreotype. AJHS.

page xii: Charles D. Fredricks & Co., Blanche and Edith Moses (1862). Photograph. AJHS. "Photo 17 Recto"

page xiii: Blanche Moses’s Grandmother. Anonymous, Portrait of Sarah Brandon Moses (ca. 1815-16). Watercolor on ivory, 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 in. AJHS.

page xiv: Blanche Moses’s Great Uncle. Anonymous, Portrait of Isaac Lopez Brandon (Early 19th century). Watercolor on ivory, 3 1/8 x 2 1/2 in. AJHS.

page xv: Blanche Moses’s Great-Grandfather. John Wesley Jarvis, Portrait of Abraham Rodrigues Brandon (ca. 1824). Oil on canvas, MCNY.

p. 2: Anonymous, Portrait of Abraham Rodrigues Brandon (Late 18th Century). Watercolor on ivory. Courtesy of Ann Gegan. this is a copy of the original shown in the book

p. 8: Agostino Brunias, “The Barbadoes Mulatto Girl,” After painting (ca.1764), published in London in 1779. BMHS.

p.12: Nidhe Israel Synagogue, Bridgetown, Barbados. Photo by Author.

p. 15: Charles W. Blackburn, “Swan Street Barbados” (ca. 1897-1912). Photo negative, glass plate. International Center of Photography, No. 2013.81.33.

p. 23: Frances G. Carpenter, “Blacks on a Tobacco Plantation, Jamaica,” (ca. 1890-1924). Library of Congress.

p. 28: Tzedek ve-Shalom Bathhouse with Mikveh inset where Isaac Lopez Brandon and Sarah Rodrigues Brandon completed their conversions. Photo by Author, 2007.

p. 29:  Detail of Gravestone of Ribi David de Leon (1793) in the Old Sephardi Cemetery. Paramaribo, Suriname. Photo by Author, 2007.

p. 31: Jacob Eduard van Heemskerck van Beest, “View of the Government House in Paramaribo” (c. 1860-1862). JCBL.

p. 36: Signature of Susanna Brandon with a Sephardic-style rubrica. 1811 Census, Paramaribo. 278/24, No. 576. [not available]

p. 41: Pierre Jacques Benoit, Jewish Shopkeeper in Paramaribo (ca. 1831), Voyage a Suriname . . . cent dessins pris sur nature par l’auteur (Bruxelles, 1839), plate xvi, fig. 32. JCBL.

p. 43: Runaway Advertisement for Mariana. Surinaamsche Courante (1811). University of Florida Library. [not available]

p. 44: Pastoral depiction of the Jewish town of Jodensavanne with people of color at the margins. Teacup (c. 1800–1840). Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam.

p. 61: Portrait of Reverend Gershom Mendes Seixas (1745-1816), of Congregation Shearith Israel, New York. MCNY.

p. 62: John Wesley Jarvis, Portrait of Isaac Moses (early 19th century). Oil on canvas. MCNY.

p. 65: Thomas Sully, Rachel Gratz Moses.

p. 68: Moses Lopez Chair, Congregation Mikveh Israel Philadelphia. Photo by Author, 2019.

p. 69: Charles Wilson Peale attr., Jonas Phillips (ca. 1800). Oil on canvas. AJHS.

p. 75: Louis Antoine Collas, Joshua Moses (1804). Watercolor on ivory, 2 1/4 × 1 3/4 in. AJHS.

p. 76: Georgian-era Style Icon, Beau Brummell. John Cook, Beau Brummell. Engraving after unknown miniaturist.

p. 77: James Reid Lambdin, Stephen Girard (1831). Oil on canvas. 

p. 83: Isaac Mendes Belisario, Interior of the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue [Bevis Marks] (1817). Aquatint after a watercolor. Jewish Museum, London.

p. 85: Location of Hurwitz’s Jewish Academy in Highgate. Photo by Gareth E. Kegg, 2016.

p. 88: Anthony Meucci, Mrs. Pierre Toussaint (ca. 1825). Watercolor on Ivory. NYHS.

p. 89: Detail of the face of Portrait of Sarah Brandon Moses (ca. 1815-16). AJHS. [not available]

p. 90 Jacques Guillaume Lucien Amans, Creole in a Red Headdress (ca. 1840). Oil on canvas. Historic New Orleans Collection, Williams Research Center, New Orleans, LA.

p. 91: Portrait of Surinamese Girl (c. 1805). Watercolor on ivory, 6.4cm × w 5.5cm. RM.

p. 92: “Cinq femmes esclaves se rendant à leur église un jour de fête.” (P.J. Benoit, Voyage à Suriname (Brussels: Societe des Beaux-Arts, 1839). JCBL.

p. 120: Edward Clay, “Fruits of Amalgamation” Practical Amalgamation (1839). 

p. 127: Sarah Simpson Wood as a Child. Anonymous, “Sarah Simpson Wood.” Watercolor on ivory. Courtesy Ann Gegan.

p. 135: Four illustrations show the Progress of Yellow Fever. Observations sur la fièvre jaune, faites à Cadix. Paris: Etienne Pariset and André Mazet, 1820. 

p. 139 Anonymous, Brandon-Goody Family Portrait. Daguerreotype. Courtesy Ann Gegan [not available]

p. 141: Shearith Israel’s Twenty-First Street Burial Ground. Photo by Author.

p. 145: Third Shearith Israel Synagogue. Esther H. Oppenheim and Delano Studios, Shearith Israel Synagogue...Fifty-Six Crosby Street. Collection of Author.

p. 147: Drawing of Abraham Rodrigues Brandon’s house at 36 Laight Street [Tribeca], New York drawn by his grandchildren in the blank pages of their uncle Solomon Moses’s “Journal of Voyage to Madras and Calcutta” (1798). AJHS.

p. 149: Solomon Moses’s journal provided a place for the family to learn Sephardic style. Left: Abraham Rodrigues Brandon’s signature (and house number). Right: Isaac and Sarah’s sons’ imitations of Abraham Rodrigues Brandon’s signature and rubrica. Journal of Voyage to Madras and Calcutta (1798). AJHS.

p. 158: Signature of Isaac Lopez Brandon on the marriage certificate of Phillip Rubens (son of Moses Rubens) and his bride Sarah, a convert (1851). NISR. [not available]

p. 164: Military script from the “Republic of Nicaragua” signed by William Walker for Israel Moses (1856). AJHS. "Page 9"

p. 165: Anonymous, “Stereoscopic portrait of Alfred Moses” (c. 1852). Daguerreotype. AJHS.

p. 167: Anonymous, “Joseph Washington Moses,” (c. 1850-1865).Daguerreotype, AJHS

p. 169: Matthew B. Brady Gallery, Abraham Rodrigues Brandon Moses (1853). Daguerreotype, 3 3/4 x 3 1/4 in. AJHS

p. 173: Lionel and Selina Moses’s House at 47 West 97th Street. AJHS "Photo 44 Recto"

p. 176: Abraham Rodrigues Brandon II (1826-1860). Courtesy of Descendants.  [not available]

p. 177: Menorah in the house of Constance Evelyn Rodrigues Brandon and Henry William Poor at 1 Lexington Avenue. MCNY.

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