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In my teaching, I strive to create engaged, self-directed learners who are capable of developing their own research questions and implementing them.  Many of my courses use a problem-based approach that engages students in the process of building the course's narrative. To learn more about my classroom goals and methods, check out my Statement of Teaching Philosophy.  Also below is a list of the courses I have taught with links to sample syllabi.


 In addition to my classroom teaching, I advise both undergraduate senior theses and graduate degree papers written by students in our Masters of Liberal Studies (MALS) Program.  Some of these theses and papers are in American Studies or American Literature, and others have been in creative writing or digital humanities.  Interested in learning more about what sort of projects students can do?  Here is an example of a digital archive created by one of my MALS degree students Jenna Berthiaume and a copy of her degree paper in digital humanities

Graduate Courses



American Studies Seminars


Junior Seminar (Research & Methods)


Literature Courses


Upper Division Early American Literature & Culture


Upper Division Poetry


Introduction to Literature

Humanities Courses



Courses with a Digital Humanities Component


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