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Some of the visual concepts that interest me.

While I was in the Netherlands, I became interested in the concept of veils and latticework  as a firmament that separates both people and spaces and creates distinctions between public and private and between the sacred and the mundane.


My interest in veiling is related to sitting in women's galleries in various synagogues in the Atlantic World and gazing through their latticework, but was also reinforced by an early visit to the Mirandabad swimming pool.  At the pool those who could not or would not wear swim suits in public (mainly Muslim women wearing veils and Orthodox women such as myself) had to sit behind windows that separated them from the rest of the people at the pool.


As I visited other spaces, I continued to be intrigued by objects that both blocked and allowed visibility; that is, that allowed one to see and not see, or to see and not be seen.

Animals & Flowers

In my photos of flowers and animals I am usually intrigued by elements that we commonly miss in everyday life, such as details of plant structure or moments of playful interaction between animals.  Most of these photos were taken in the Netherlands.



A sampling of photos of architectural details that intrigued or delighted me. Usually I am interested in a moment of contrast: soft wax up against wooden lattice, old buildings juxtaposed with post-modern intrusions, or the way architectural forms lead our eye towards unexpected sights.

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